People often wonder what really a literature review is for. They do not comprehend the fact that it constitutes the crux of your research providing it grounds for verification from external resources. Each material adds up to the overall context of understanding the subject matter. It may also provide new and fresh insights into obsolete and historical work. It will help solve conflicts between contradictory studies. Moreover Provide directional guidance for further future research.

Let us bring into light some very common errors that destroy the essence of a good research. If you start writing the review before building a strong understanding of the issue you are wrong, if the review is not coherent you are wrong, if it does not point out contradictions and ambiguities you are wrong and if it has obvious reference errors you are very much wrong!

Whatever you include in your literature review make sure it is qualified, neutral, credible and worthy. Your review will build linkages between your ideas and notions in your field of study. If you play well in this div only your dissertation is bound to make a big hit…

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